Improving life for all by connecting the world through efficient logistics.

There’s a reason we strive to go all the way, every day, to deliver a more connected, agile and sustainable future for global logistics. It is our purpose. See why it gets us up in the morning.

GCDC’s vision is to become the Global Integrator

Increasing complexity in global supply chains is making them inefficient, vulnerable and unsustainable.

Our values connect us and guide us

Our values inspire us to do better in a constantly changing world. See how they guide us every day.

We are committed to sustainable growth

Our purpose serves as the foundation and compass guiding our work towards a world where global trade distributes economic and social benefits, without negatively impacting individuals, communities or the environment.

Our leadership

Our strategic vision to be the Global Integrator is anchored in the Global Cargo Delivery Company (GCDC)’s Executive Leadership team and our Board of Directors. Meet the leaders who are setting our course for transformation.
''GCDC is organized around a two-tier system, with a Board of Directors with a supervisory role and an Executive Board responsible for overall operations, financial results and business growth.''
Luke Jacobs Global Operations Manager
''When it comes to delivering a state of the art global logistics solution to companies and individual we are confident of our leading position. With our robust team of seasoned experts, you can't go wrong with us''
Katherine Olms Global Operations Manager